Coloring Squared Math Practice

Published by October 8, 2020 2 Comments

Local Phoenix teacher and publisher Cameron Krantzman is officially the smartest man on earth! He came up with a way to drill math facts in a way kids absolutely LOVE: Coloring Squared.

Coloring Squared is a fun way to practice math facts.

The series is available for all levels of Math from Counting through Fractions.

Cameron has allowed us to share a sample page for you to try with your kids. Print out the page and let your budding mathematicians go wild with the box of crayons. But don’t tell them it’s educational!

Totally loving it? Check out all the books – available at all of our locations.

Free sample page for your kids.


  • Joan Thompson says:

    Is this colored math practice available in individual books or series? Are individual math skills done as well as a mixed practice?
    Joan Thompson.

    • Daniel Despain says:

      Coloring Squared is a series of books.

      Some of the books are specific to one or two skills like “Addition & Subtraction” or “Fractions, Decimals, and Percents”

      Some of the books are by grade level.

      A single page is usually just one skill, but each the book contains multiple skills. If you’re looking for a book with many skills, I’d suggest the grade level books.

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