Published by March 31, 2020

Using Daily Books at Home

Daily Review workbooks have been a staple in the classroom for decades, and they’re great for helping kids at home. They’re available for all grade levels, and for every subject. And yes, answer keys are included.

You can use daily workbooks at home in sequential order, or by topic. We’ll explain both.

Sequential Order

The lessons progress in difficulty: the lesson on day one is easier than the lesson on day forty. Lessons also build on previously taught skills. Start your child with lesson one. On the next day complete lesson two. Keep going; you got this!

Sample week one: Half page on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; then, a full page on Friday.

When your child works through the book sequentially, you can be assured that they’ll cover every topic within the subject. Skills will be presented in a systematic order just like they would be in the classroom.

By Topic

Most daily workbooks contain a special type of index called a scope and sequence. It usually looks like a grid with topics down the left side, and lessons across the top.

Using the Daily Math Practice workbook as an example, suppose you want to focus on two-digit addition for a while. Find two-digit addition in the topics on the left. Follow the row across to see which lessons cover the topic.

Daily Math Practice Scope and Sequence with two-digit addition lessons highlighted.

Have your child complete the indicated lessons (starting with the earliest lesson, and progressing in order).

Making a Daily Schedule

Use one daily workbook if you only need to focus on one subject. If you need to cover the entire curriculum – such as during an extended absence, or if you’re homeschooling – grab a daily workbook for each subject you’ll be teaching.

Each page (or half page) should take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete. If your child finishes the lesson quickly and without errors, they’ve likely mastered the skill and you can move on to another lesson. If they’ve had problems answering the questions, spend a little time going over their work and help them achieve mastery.

Maybe you want to focus on one subject a day. Math on Monday, and then Science on Fridays. Or Maybe you want to spend 10 minutes on each subject each day. Either schedule works well with daily review workbooks.

We’re Here to Help

If you need help choosing a daily review workbook, or need support using one at home, we’re here to help. You can come in the store, call us, or even send us a text.

We’re here to help.



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