Think Spring!

Published by February 12, 2021

In some parts of the country, February is chilly and snowy. But here in the Valley of the Sun, February means it’s time to think spring!

Get kids off the computer, out of the house, and playing (and learning) in the backyard.

Chase butterflies – or grow your own from tiny caterpillars. This kit is easy as pie. The caterpillars arrive in the mail and have everything they need inside the jar. You don’t need to touch them at all. Once they’re all snuggled in their cocoons, transfer the open jar to the net habitat and wait for them to emerge as Painted Lady Butterflies.

Since the kids are going to want to play with their caterpillar friends (but they shouldn’t), pick up a set of the butterfly lifecycle models. These larger than life models are a great way to introduce each stage of the life cycle to children and students.

Done the butterfly thing before? You’ll love the Ladybug Land. Same idea, but with ladybugs. (Did you know ladybugs go through a similar metamorphosis as butterflies?)

Find some bugs to wear in a locket around your neck (hint: not a good mother’s day gift).

Whether you wear it around your neck or not, it’s a perfect little jar for keeping anything of interest the kids find during their nature exploration.

Need something a little bit bigger (or not diggin’ the whole “wear a bug” bit)?

This really is the world’s best bug jar. Double magnification on the top lets children choose to see their find up close or up really close!

The grid on the bottom is great for making scientific observations.

Get a 360° view of bugs or any object with the creature peeper.

View your treasured object from above through the magnifying lens, from the side through the 360° clear plastic walls, or look through the magnifying hole on the front. The object sits above an angled mirror, so you can see it from below – like looking through a periscope.

Remember, these jars can be used for more than just bugs. Got anything you want to view under magnification or let kids see but not touch? These “bug” jars are just the thing.

Our 3-D Butterfly stickers are one of our all-time best-selling items.

These 2-layer foil butterfly stickers have realistic 3-D wings that stand above the page

Each pack includes 10 unique butterflies, and there are several packs (butterfly colors) to choose from.

Get Out & Explore

Children love to explore. They’re naturally curious about everything, and love discovering something new. The outside world is teeming with life. Get out and explore with the kids!

Stop by on the way to the park to get all the outdoor exploration supplies to take your learning outside.