Teacher Show & Tell

Published by August 15, 2021

We want to see all your awesome classrooms!

It’s so much fun to chat with each one of you as you get ready for the new school year, and to help you pick out the perfect theme and supplies for your room.

We know your classroom looks amazing.

Take a victory lap! You worked hard to get your room ready for the new year. Text us a picture of your room so we can share it on our instagram page and blog.

You can help us provide real-world pictures of classrooms to inspire other teachers just like you by helping us complete our theme look books. So go ahead! Take a victory lap! You deserve to brag!

Text your pictures to:


We’re not going to sell your photos (that would be weird!) but they will be available for the public to view on our social media pages and website. Please be sure that none of your students are in the pictures. We’d need their parents’ written permission to post those images.

Always a great trip! Friendly staff too!