Summer Bridge Activities

Prevent Summer Learning Loss in just 15 minutes a day

The award-winning, time-tested series that keeps children thinking, busy, and active while continuing to learn all summer long!

  • Designed for preschool through eighth grade.
  • Includes reading, writing, math, and language arts.
  • Added focus on science, social studies fitness, and character development.
  • Extension activities for fitness, outdoor learning, and character development.
  • Bonus flash cards and stickers!
  • The number one brand that parents and teachers have trusted for more than 25 years.
  • The best-selling summer workbook series on the market.
  • Used by millions of children to strengthen skills and self-esteem.

Qualifies for Title I Funding

Summer Bridge Activities qualify for Title I Funding so that children from all backgrounds can benefit from a summer of learning.

Monthly Goals & Daily Pages

Setting goals teaches children to strive for accomplishments. Monthly goals allow children and parents to track progress as children work toward their monthly reward.

Daily pages are numbered for each day and coordinate to the traditional three-month summer vacation. Half-page exercises make it easy for children to complete an activity on their own. There’s still time to play!

Real-world Activities

Hands-on projects

Hands-on projects, character development, fitness challenges, and outdoor learning activities extend the learning beyond the pages of the book.

Flash Cards and Stickers

Give parents tools to make learning fun.

Summer Bridge Workbooks are available online and at all Teaching & Learning Stuff locations and online for Preschool through 8th grade. The first number is the grade your child is finishing, and the second number is the grade they will enter next year.

Pre. – Kinder.
Kinder. – Grade 1
Grade 1 – 2
Grade 2 – 3
Grade 3 – 4
Grade 4 – 5
Grade 5 – 6
Grade 6 – 7
Grade 7 – 8

Fundraising Opportunities for Classrooms & Schools

Learn how you can sell Summer Bridge Activities books as a fundraiser for your classroom or school.