Published by March 7, 2019

Spring Fun: Outdoor Edition

If you’ve ever been in one of our stores, you already know we’re the destination for smart creativity and fun. Not only do we carry a fantastic selection of focused learning games, but also lots of other games and activities that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors! You’ll love the newest items that our buyers have selected for you specifically for some outdoor fun, and we add to it weekly! Read on for some spring fun: outdoor edition!

Good Old-Fashioned Picks

Let’s start with a few outdoor fun classics, like bubbles, buckets of sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, and more! These are timeless toys that can’t be beat, and they are sure to take you back to when you were a kid!

  • Just look at these bubble makers! We have several types from wands that produce one giant bubble to some that produce multiple bubbles. Bubbles can be messy for little hands, so we also have Fubbles in a no-spill container for the youngest kiddos. This Wow & Wonder set is perfect for the littlest scientists to explore bubbles!
  • Sidewalk chalk provides hours of outdoor creativity and easily washes off the driveway or patio. Kids can trace their bodies in funny poses and then fill in the details. They can create a hopscotch court, find the perfect rock, and learn to play. The possibilities are endless.
  • Check out these balloon toys! Buy a few to have on-hand and have balloon car or UFO balloon races, or see how far kids can launch the balloon helicopter or rocket balloon.
  • If it’s time for a little competition, break out this Wicked BIG kickball for the older kids! Or draw a four-square court with that sidewalk chalk and play a game or two.
  • There are lots of jump rope rhymes and streamer and yo-yo stunts to learn. Find games to play with a parachute when you need some non-competitive but cooperative play time. These things are so easy to pack up and take along to wherever you play and they get kids thinking and moving!

New Twists on Favorites

Here are some other ideas to keep everyone engaged while having a great time outdoors!

Here are some other ideas to keep everyone engaged while having a great time outdoors!

  • This Planets Magnet Toss will be a favorite. Kids will learn about planets and work on hand-eye coordination at the same time!
  • An inflatable easel for outdoor painting? YES! Add to the art supplies with some washable paints and paintbrushes for multiple kids to use at once. Then simply hose it off after use.
  • Get Sandblox for your sandbox! Wet or kinetic sand works best with these and kids can create structures for hours.
  • And how about the Magnetic Dinosaur Dart Game? Hang it up and play one side, then flip it over for another game. Keeping score will help kids work on math, but don’t tell them that!
  • All of our stores have some unique outdoor toys that are sure to be one-of-a-kind hits! Our Paradise Valley Mall location has a selection of hoppy balls, paddle ball sets, and lawn bowling! Look for the Night Baseballs with LED lights inside, too!

If you haven’t been in to see us lately, now is the time! Come in and explore for ideas! Then check back often, as we continue to bring in all of the newest and most creative ways to keep your kids learning, even through PLAY! Give the kids in your life the gift of experiences; help them develop important skills and make memories that will last a lifetime! We are the kid gift-giving hq and will wrap your purchases at no charge! Pick up some amazing stuff for those Easter baskets, too! We stand by our motto in everything we sell: Smart Starts Here!