Practicing Math with Double Dice

Published by October 16, 2019

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  • Math



Using Double Dice is a fun and engaging way for kids to practice math.



One player: Roll one or more dice and add all the numbers.

2+ players: Each player rolls one or more dice and adds all the numbers. Points are earned for speed, or for the greatest sum.


One player: Roll two dice. Find the sum of each die. Subtract the smaller sum from the greater sum.

2+ players: Same as one player, but points are earned for speed or for the greatest difference.

Note: Games scored by speed work best when the players are of the same ability.



Use the inside die as the numerator, and the outside die as the denominator.

Depending on the outcome, change an improper fraction to a mixed number; reduce fractions; add, subtract, multiply or divide fractions; order fractions; or find common denominators.


Subtract the inside die from the outside die. It’s okay for a larger number to be subtracted from a smaller number, resulting in a negative number. For example, 2 – 6 = -4.

Create larger numbers by combining dice as described for subtraction.

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