Got a question? You can send us a text.

Service via Text

Published by March 24, 2020

We provide customer service by text as well as by phone and in person.

Send your text to:

(623) 825-0168

You can:

  • Ask us about products
    • We can even respond with pictures if you’d like
  • Check availability of any item we carry
  • Place an order to be picked up or shipped directly to you
  • Check the status of your order
  • Join our Extra Credit Program
  • Anything else you might need, you can now do it by text

Use the same phone number, 623-825-0168, for any of our locations.

Your questions will be quickly answered during regular business hours by one of our experts.

There are not many places left that you can get personalized service from someone that knows what they are talking about in a retail environment. Love that I can always go in here and figure our ways to help my family get better at learning. It's fun too!