Got a question? You can send us a text.

Service via Text

Published by March 24, 2020

We provide customer service by text as well as by phone and in person.

Send your text to:

(623) 825-0168

You can:

  • Ask us about products
    • We can even respond with pictures if you’d like
  • Check availability of any item we carry
  • Place an order to be picked up or shipped directly to you
  • Check the status of your order
  • Join our Extra Credit Program
  • Anything else you might need, you can now do it by text

Use the same phone number, 623-825-0168, for any of our locations.

Your questions will be quickly answered during regular business hours by one of our experts.

I love this store! It’s neat, organized and clean! I can’t stress how great the staff at the store are. They are very helpful and go above and beyond the sale.