At Teaching & Learning Stuff, we have lots of ways to help you encourage your kids to work toward achieving those new goals and turning them into life-long habits.
Published by December 30, 2019

Resolutions and Goal Setting with Kids

While people usually think of the beginning of a new year as the perfect time to make resolutions, there really is no time like the present for goal setting! Get your favorite snack, sit down, and share some time together with your kids and discuss family resolutions, as well as some ideas for personal goals. Family goals might include saving money for a summer trip, dividing responsibilities at home on a schedule, or working on acts of kindness. Others might be academic oriented such as reading a new book every month, mastering multiplication tables, or knowing how to spell 100 new words. Once you’ve made your goals together, put them in writing and decide how you’ll achieve them.

At Teaching & Learning Stuff, we have lots of ways to help you encourage your kids to work toward achieving those new goals and turning them into life-long habits.

I resolve to…

…keep track of this year’s resolutions!

Use a daily, weekly, or monthly calendars to help your kids stay accountable for chores, homework, character building, or whatever goals you set together. Some of our favorites include wooden responsibility charts with magnets that are interactive as well as magnetic and poly charts you can customize. Display these options on the refrigerator or in another prominent spot. Use with white board markers and erasers as the child accomplishes set goals and moves on to conquer new ones!

…build good habits!

Want to handle chores without tears? What about practicing daily routines, like getting ready for school and brushing teeth? Consistency and accountability are key. These “I Can Do It!” charts help with both! These charts help teach your kids responsibility and self-reliance, which are important skills that will serve them (and you!) well. We have token boards, daily checklists, reward charts, and supplemental packs. Younger children will love getting to put a star on the boards when they’ve accomplished a task! Using a timer can turn chore sessions into more of a game.

…shore up a subject!

Daily and weekly practice workbooks, flashcards, and games are some great ways to build core skills and reinforce them. Strong reading proficiency is the foundation of academics and you can find ways to hone those skills. Handwriting ability is a must; lined paper or notebooks, workbooks, and Write Size pencils and special grips will help achieve that goal. Need help with math? We have lots of ideas.

…reward the effort!

Have a reward on hand to provide an extra incentive for reaching goals. The classic paper incentive charts with stickers can be kept as long as needed in a special notebook or lap book you create to show progress over time. We have some great rewards such as scented stickers, with everything from pizza to popcorn, decorative pencils, sharpeners, small putty tins and much more! For an extra fun incentive, buy one of our magnet kits or building sets and hand out a few pieces at a time until your child has been rewarded with the entire set for accomplishing a long-term goal!

Good resolutions always have a plan with the end in mind and can teach kids self-discipline. Let us help you carry out your plans and make setting and achieving goals easy as 1-2-3! What are some things you’ve done with your children that have worked in the area of incentives and rewards? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!