A cute keepsake for kids of all ages.

Reindeer Photo Frame Magnet

Published by December 6, 2019

We have the kits, you provide the kids! And a 4×6 photo!

Join us on Saturday, December 7th from 11am – 3pm to make your own Rudolph Photo Frame Magnet. We’ll be handing out kits for free at all of our locations.

Don’t worry if you forget the photo. You can still make this craft with us and add the photo later at home!

A cute keepsake for kids of all ages!

Rudolph Photo Frame Magnet
The finished project (front)

What You’ll Need

Each kit contains enough materials to make one photo frame.

  • A 4×6″ photo
  • Dark brown craft foam circle about 3 inches across
  • Two small ears cut from brown construction paper
  • One brown chenille stem for the antlers
  • Pony beads
  • One red pom pon
  • A magnet
  • Glue stick
  • Tape

Everything you need except the tape and glue stick is in the kit you’ll pick up. If you make the project at the store, we’ll provide the glue stick and tape. Most kids can complete the craft in 10 minutes or less.


  1. Cut out the foam circle from the dark brown craft foam.
  2. Trim a photo a little smaller than the foam circle. Glue the photo to the front.
  3. Attach the ears.
  4. Tape the chenille stem to the back, and twist each end into a spiral for antlers.
  5. Thread 2 pony beads on each curled antler.
  6. Place the sticky magnet at the top of the frame over the taped antlers.
  7. Finish by adding your very own bright red pom pon nose.
Back view. Make sure you put the magnet at the top of the frame, and make sure it is over the antlers.


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