Published by December 23, 2022

MegaTimer™ Does it All

More than just a timer, it handles 8 tasks that teachers use every day:

  • Count Down Timer
  • Stop Watch
  • Alarm Clock
  • Time & Date
  • Student Selector
  • Team Selector
  • Random Number
  • Temperature
8 teacher tools in one

The MegaTimer is BIG. It measures in at a super-sized 6.5 by 9.5 inches, and its brilliant blue backlight is great for dark rooms. The versatile case can be hung on the wall or set on a desk with the built-in stand.

Use the MegaTimer with batteries (requires 6 AA, not included), or with a power adapter (sold separately).

8 Teacher Tools In 1

Student Selector

Randomly selects a student number from any number between 1 and 99 students. Each student will be selected once at random until all students have had a turn. After all student numbers have been selected, the student numbers become available again.

Team Selector

Randomly selects a team number from as many as 99 teams. Each team is selected at random until all team numbers have been used. Once every team has had a turn, the numbers become available again.

Random Numbers

Selects a random number from a set pool—up to 9,999.


Displays the temperature as Fahrenheit or Celsius. °F or °C in the top window indicates the selected scale.

Count Down Timer

Counts down from a preset or set time to 00:00, ending with an alarm. The display shows minutes and seconds remaining. Maximum time is 99 minutes : 59 seconds.

Stop Watch

Tracks elapsed time from 00:00 up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. The display shows minutes and seconds.

Alarm Clock

Sounds an alarm at the set time.

Time & Date

Displays the time of the day, the day, and the date. (This is the default mode.) Other modes will return to this when not in use.



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