Junior Learning for Social Skills

Junior Learning can help children develop emotional and growth mindset strategies that will help them now and throughout their life. Explore a few of their new fun games and activities, and come in the store to see the entire line.

50 Mindfulness Activities

Daily stresses and pressures can be difficult to manage and express. This set of 50 Mindfulness Activity Cards uses fun and engaging games and activities to help become more focused, manage difficult emotions and practice a more caring and compassionate attitude.

Contains 50 double-sided activity cards and a contents card that can be used as a check off list.

50 Emotion Activities

50 Emotion Activities is a set of double-sided activity cards that teach children how to identify and express different emotions using interactive tasks such as art, music, dance, acting and group work. As children progress through the activity they will develop new vocabulary and techniques to deal with emotions.

Contains 50 cards. Ages 4+

Social Skills Board Game

Topics include Manners, Emotions, Friendship and Empathy. Includes 4 board games, 6 counters, spinner, and die.

2–4 players.

Recipe for a Friend

This fun, social skills memory game teaches good and bad values in a friendship. Includes board game and 23 cards.

2–4 players.

More from Junior Learning

This store is the absolute best! They have everything you could think of!! From the moment you walk in you’re greeted and offered help, but these aren’t the type of people to follow you and bug you. They are there for assistance but let you do as many rounds as you please! They have an answer to absolutely every question you could think of. I went in with only 15 minutes of my personal time to shop. The son, I wish I would have gotten his name, helped me the entire time and I was in and out in 10 minutes! They even packaged my entire order into boxes and bags so it was easier to carry. Here’s the best part, they walked out my big order to my car for me! My word, this store goes above and beyond!! SHOP LOCAL! You won’t regret it especially with this family business!