Published by May 23, 2022

Everyone Is Welcome

Remind students that they matter with this uplifting and colorful new theme: Everyone Is Welcome. Students will be encouraged and empowered through positive messages and affirmations that they can truly change the world.

Calming Corner

Create a calming corner in your room where students can refocus, and help students recognize and control their emotions.

  • Calming Corner title piece
  • How Do I Feel? poster
  • I Can Control poster
  • Yoga poster
  • Counting Down from 10 poster
  • Calming strategies photo cards
  • Positive messages decorative pieces
  • Heart accents


Students will be encouraged and empowered through these positive messages and affirmations that they can truly change the world.

  • Includes 21 decorative signs with positive diversity messages
  • Bulletin Board Guide with suggestions and activities.

Posters with a Purpose

Brighten any space in your classroom with messages of positivity. Each message encourages children to consider how their actions affect others, and to promote a strong sense of community in your classroom.

Creating an affirmation station is easy with a mirror and the Everyone is Welcome Positive Affirmations Accents.

230 total pieces punch out easily. Coated for durability.

Coordinating Better Than Paper Colors Bring Everything Together

Borders Provide the Finishing Touch

Dress up any space with stylish borders.

Recognize Awesomeness

Stickers are a simple and quick way to inspire positivity and boost motivation. Make good habits stick with stickers.

Pack includes 120 stickers

Award certificates are perfect for the end of the year as well as any time when students have made progress worthy of more than a sticker. The handy size is perfect for hanging on the fridge at home.

Plan Each Day

Organization can be easy and beautiful!

  • 40 weeks of daily lesson plans in one convenient book!
  • Includes substitute teacher information and student roster sheets
  • Memorable quotations provide opportunities for discussion throughout the year
  • Twelve large monthly planning calendar spreads for year-long lesson planning

Whether you need to prioritize the day’s events, add weekly reminders, highlight something special, or simply provide a bit of inspiration, cheerful stickers will keep your lessons beautifully organized.

Includes 340 stickers

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