Earn Extra Extra Credit

Extra Points For Your Account

Every dollar your friends, students, and their parents spend adds one extra credit point to your account.

Download the editable PDF of cards you can print or email to your friends, students, and their parents.

STEP 1: Add Your Name to the PDF

  • Click in the space where your name should go on the My Teacher Sent Me cards PDF.
  • Type your full name into the space. We need your full name because we might have more than one Ms. Carlos in our system.

STEP 2: Distribute the Cards

  • Print the cards and give them to your friends, students and their parents.
  • Include the single card PDF in an email and let the recipient print the card before they come to the store (or they can show us the email on their phone).

You can give out the cards any time, but some great times to consider are:

  • Back-to-school night
  • Include them with your school supply list (we have great prices on school supplies)
  • During IEP meetings
  • At PTO events
  • Science Fair season (we have awesome science supplies and kits)

STEP 3: Earn Your Extra Points

  • Parents and your friends turn in the card you gave them or show us the PDF on their phone when they shop and checkout. We have several locations throughout the valley.
  • You’ll receive an email from our store showing you the purchase and how many extra extra credit points you earned.

Remember: points expire at the end of each calendar year.