Published by December 14, 2021

Don’t Tell Them It’s Educational

Santa Gets the Smartest Gifts at Teaching & Learning Stuff

From microscopes and chemistry sets, to pop fidgets, to stocking stuffers that keep kids engaged after the stockings have been un-hung from the chimney with care, the elves at Teaching & Learning Stuff can help you cross everyone off your list in one place.

Free gift-wrapping makes your – I mean Santa’s – job even easier!

Free Gift Wrapping
Free Gift Wrapping makes your holiday and birthday shopping easier.

Grab yourself a bowl full of jelly and browse Santa’s gallery of his favorite picks this season. Then lay a finger aside of your nose and fly (drive) down to any of our locations to browse even more gifts of learning. Look for the signs throughout the store.

Give the Gift of Learning

Santa’s Top Picks

Take reactions to the next level
Remember how fun it was to open your first chemistry set as a child? Share the excitement with the next generation and foster a love for science.
Everyone loves the sesame street gang
Learn basic early childhood skills with Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, and the entire crew of muppets.
Explore the natural world
Geology is as easy as digging in your own backyard! You might not find a fossil at home, but the specimens in the Dig & Display kit will fascinate any hoping-to-be paleontologist. Young biologists will be thrilled to dissect their very own owl pellet.
Engage young senses
Developing minds will benefit from these tactile and matching activities. Got some Holiday wiggles? Head outside for a bounce on the hoppy ball.
Feel the power of science
Dozens of simple experiments in each kit will teach children fundamental scientific principles and the scientific process.
Create the sparkle of imagination
Create something new, and and discover the joys of science with these easy to use kits. Career guides help kids see how science can be rewarding as an adult.

We may not have any sugar plums in stock, but we can definitely help you fill all the stockings and surround the tree with meaningful gifts of learning. Bring in your list and let’s find something amazing together.

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Not sure what to get? Gift cards let them pick out their own fun.

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Gift cards to Teaching & Learning Stuff make great teacher gifts too!