Deals in Every Aisle

Published by September 26, 2022

Over a Thousand Items 50% Off

More Than 100 for Just One Dollar

Whether you’re changing the theme of your room, or working on a specific learning objective with your students, you’re going to love how many items we just put on sale. Seeing something fresh on the walls makes a huge difference when you show up for work every day. Finding the perfect item to help students soar at half-off is a double score.

This sale is the perfect time to say, “Out with the old; in with the new!”

Cut-outs are useful for just about everything in the classroom from decorating, to centers, to cubby labels, to flash cards, and there are dozens of styles and sizes priced to move.

Maybe this year you’ve got some instructional goals. There’s plenty of merchandise on sale in that category too. You’ll find workbooks, manipulative, and teacher resources for every subject 50% off or more.

Selection and sale items vary by store, and it’s limited to stock on hand so this is a case where the early teacher gets the best deal.

It was so fun to go in the store! Some great bargains at 50% off !