Published by June 15, 2023

Brights 4 Ever

Bold block fonts, vibrant colors, and geometric shapes makes this collection a blast from the not-so-distant past. Your classroom will be totally rad with this high-energy, spirited theme: Brights 4 Ever.

Bright & Bold Borders

The borders in the Brights 4 Ever theme look amazing when they’re stacked.

Totally Tubular Tie-Dye Tassels

Likeā€¦ Totally.

Big & Bright Fonts

Say it loud with big bold fonts that will catch everyone’s attention. Each pack includes 230 total pieces: 

  • 61 uppercase letters 
  • 95 lowercase letters 
  • 20 numbers 0 to 9 
  • 40 punctuation marks 
  • 14 Spanish accent marks

Accents for a Bright Pop of Color

The Brights 4 Ever theme has several accent packs in assorted sizes and styles – all in the bright colors that make this theme awesome to the max.

Jam With Your Lesson Plans

Be the Super Cool Teacher

Use Your Extra Credit “like, fer shure”

Grab your rollerblades, put on some leg-warmers, pull your hair back with a scrunchy, and come on down to Teaching & Learning Stuff to check out the rad new theme Brights 4 Ever. Back-to-school is the ideal time to earn (and use) your Extra Credit points.

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